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August 2013 Television Power Ranking's (Expanded)

***Spoiler Free***

Dear Reader,

Let's get real. What I am about to present you with, is my disease. It is the reason for which I have decided to become the most entertaining and popular blogger the Internet has ever seen. It is my curse, my gift and my ticket to Arkham.

Before I begin, the ranking system is as follows: 

These rankings are in order of my pure enjoyment of the show, within their current season (not as a series overall). 

Please note: I do think some lower ranked shows are better in terms of my understanding of what "should be" ranked as the best. But, I've decided to rank them by my own particular taste, anyway. That way, You, as a reader, can get to understand me and my mind; as we head down this lover's lane of blogging, together.  That said, I do not provide a reasoning for the rank of each show, this is my reasoning. What show do I enjoy watching the most? That's how I put together this list, and let me tell you, it was fucking hard to do.

After posting this, I don't suppose I'll be getting laid for a while. So, a big thanks to all my obsessions, and to my soul-eating need to be heard by the world. Thanks, you're doing great things for my social life.

So here they are @SpiderDan_ny's
August 2013 Television Power Rankings (Expanded)

  1. Breaking Bad (Final Season Airing Sunday's on AMC)
  2. Game of Thrones (Season 4 Returning 2014 HBO)
  3. New Girl (Season 3 Premiering September 17 on FOX)
  4. The Walking Dead (Season 4 Premiering October 13 on AMC)
  5. Community (Season 5 Returning 2014 on NBC)
  6. Mad Men (Final Season 2014 on AMC)
  7. Doctor Who (50th Anniversary Special Airing November 23 on BBCAmerica)
  8. Dexter (Final Season Airing Sunday's on Showtime)
  9. The Newsroom (Season 2 Airing Sunday's on HBO)
  10. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Season 9 Premiering September 4 on All New Channel FXX)
  11. The League (Season 5 Premiering September 4 on All New Channel FXX)
  12. Sherlock (Season 3 Returning 2014 on BBC)
  13. South Park (Season 17 Premiering September 25 on ComedyCentral)
  14. The Big Bang Theory (Season 7 Premiering September 26 on CBS)
  15. Parks and Recreation (Season 6 Premiering September 26 on NBC)
  16. House of Lies (Season 4 Returning January 2014)
  17. Modern Family (Season 5 Premiering September 25 on ABC)
  18. Homeland (Season 3 Premiering September 29 on Showtime)
  19. Arrow (Season 2 Premiering October 9 on CW)
  20. Sons of Anarchy (Season 6 Premiering September 10 on FX)
  21. Arrested Development (Season 5 Returning TBA on Netflix)
  22. Once Upon a Time (Season 3 Premiering Septmber 29 on ABC)
  23. Boardwalk Empire (Season 4 Premiering September 8 on HBO)
  24. Workaholics (Season 4 Returning TBA on Comedy Central
  25. How I Met Your Mother (Final Season Premiering September 23 on CBS)
  26. Shameless (Season 4 Premiering January 12 on Showtime)
  27. The Middle (Season 5 Premiering September 25 on ABC)
  28. Family Guy (Season 12 Premiering September 29 on FOX)
  29. American Dad (Season 9 Premiering September 29 on FOX)
  30. Futurama (Final Season Airing Wednesday's on Comedy Central)
  31. Nathan For You (Season 2 Returning TBA on Comedy Central)
  32. Sullivan and Son (Season Finale Thursday on TBS - Yes, this show, really.)
  33. The Neighbors (Season 2 Premiering September 20 on ABC - Also yes, really.)
  34. The Boondocks (Season 4 Returning TBA on AdultSwim)
  35. Franklin and Bash (Season 4 Returning 2014 on TNT)
  36. Men at Work (Season 3 Returning 2014 on TBS)
  37. Bates Motel (Season 2 Returning 2014 on A&E)
  38. The Killing (Renewal Status Unknown on AMC)
  39. Revolution (Season 2 Premiering September 25 on NBC)
  40. Suburgatory (Season 3 Returning TBA on ABC)
  41. The Following (Season 2 Returning TBA on FOX)
  42. American Horror Story (Season 3 Premiering October 9 on FX)
  43. Two and a Half Men (Season 11 Premiering September 26 on CBS)
  44. Glee (Season 5 Premiering September 26 on FOX)
  45. True Blood (Season 7 Returning 2014 on HBO)
  46. Defiance (Season 2 Returning 2014 on SyFy)
  47. Wilfred (Season 3 Airing Thursdays on FX)
  48. Raising Hope (Season 4 Premiering November 8  on FOX)
  49. Da Vinci's Demons (Season 2 Returning 2014 on Starz)
  50. Brickleberry (Season 2 Premiering September 5 on Comedy Central)
  51. In the Flesh (Season 2 Returning 2014 on BBCAmerica)

Best Show On Television - #1 - Breaking Bad
#1 - 'Breaking Bad' is television's best. What will go down as one of the greatest show's in TV history, deserves the top spot on it's way out. Watch the final season Sunday's at 9:00PM Est. on AMC

Final Season - #8 - Dexter
#8 -  Don't miss the end to one of television's most beloved show's. What's in store for Dexter Morgan, and the rest of Miami Metro, as we head towards the finale? Find out by watching, 'Dexter', The Final Season, airs Sunday's at
9:00PM Est. on Showtime.

Saying Goodbye - #30 - Futurama
 #30 - From beloved years at Fox, to Direct-To-Video feature length's and a move to cable at Comedy Central, 'Futurama' has sure had it's problems. Is this it for Philip J. Fry, and the gang at Planet Express, or has history shown us we haven't heard the last of them? Catch the Final Season Airing Tuesday's at 10:00PM Est. on Comedy Central.

On the Rise - #9 - The Newsroom
#9 On the Rise - With both 'Breaking Bad' and 'Dexter' ending soon, look for 'The Newsroom' to climb. Some of the best writing on television. Season 2 airs Sunday's at 10:00PM Est. on HBO.

Random Highlight - #32 - Sullivan and Son
#32 Random Highlight - It's nice to be refreshed with simplicity, every now and then. Classic, witty, archetypical writing. Relevant to the lives and social hurdles of our time. 2013's version of 'Cheers'. Season 2 finale airs Thursday at 10:00PM on TBS

Too Soon To Rank (Currently Airing First Season - In No Particular Order)

Axe Cop (Saturday's on FOX)
The Bridge (Wednesday's on FX)
Drunk History (Tuesday's on Comedy Central)
Graceland (Thursday's on USA)
High School USA! (Saturday's on FOX)
Low Winter Sun (Sunday's on AMC)
Ray Donovan (Sunday's on Showtime)
Under the Dome (Monday's on CBS)

Future Power Ranking's - Drunk History
Look out for 'Drunk History' in future power rankings. Funny stuff. Tuesday's at 10PM Est. on Comedy Central  

I Deem These Unrankable - Reality, Variety and Cartoon's (Excluding Prime Time Cartoons - In No Particular Order)

America's Got Talent (Season 8 Airing Tuesday's and Results Wednesday's on NBC - Current since Howard Stern Joined)
Avengers Assemble (Season 1 Airing on Disney XD)
Beware the Batman (Season 1 Airing on Cartoon Network)
Deon Cole's Black Box (Renewal Status Unknown on TBS)
Face Off (Season 5 Airing Tuesday's on SyFy)
Hard Knocks (Season 8 With the Cincinnati Bengals Airing Tuesday's on HBO)
The Hero (Renewal Status Unknown on TNT)
Hulk and the Agents of SMASH (Season 1 Airing on DisneyXD)
The Jeselnik Offensive (Season 2 Airing Tuesday's on Comedy Central)
Key and Peele (Season 3 Premiering September 18 on Comedy Central)
King of the Nerds (Season 2 Returning 2014 on TBS)
Kroll Show (Season 2 Returning TBA on Comedy Central)
The Nerdist (Returning TBA on BBCAmerica)
Robot Combat League (Renewal Status Unknown on Syfy)
Saturday Night Live (Season 39 Fall 2013 on NBC - Note: I have NOT seen every aired episode, I'm not that crazy)
Talking Bad (Airing Sunday's on AMC)
The Taste (Season 2 Returning 2014 on ABC)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Season 2 Returning Fall 2013 on Nickelodeon)
Ultimate Spider-Man (Season 2 airing on DisneyXD)
Whodunnit? (Renewal Status Unknown on ABC)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Season 1 Airing Tuesday's on CW)
The Writer's Room (Season 1 Monday's on Sundance)

Unrankable Mention - Whodunnit?
'Whodunnit?' aired it's Season 1 Finale this past Sunday, and much like this show in general, it was quite a let down. It's fate is still up in the air. Will it get renewed? The numbers say maybe, but I say, "No."

We Remember - Lost 
We Remember - Don't forget kids, 'Lost' is still the greatest show of all time.

There you have it.

That comes to a total of 80* shows. 'The Goodwin Games' was cancelled since my last count. Never heard of it? That's why it was cancelled. Yet, I watched every episode. Jesus, help me.

*(Edit: I forgot to add in 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', and I realized that due to a board post conversation. The number is actually 81. Like I should be oh so proud of that...)

 I don't expect we will agree on everything, as we all have different tastes. So share those different tastes. Let's just be grateful we have so much good television to choose from! 

Sound off in the Comments, or on Facebook and Twitter and tell me what your top shows are. Feel free to disagree and debate with one another, and myself. Remember to be respectful. If you're going to call someone a "fucking idiot" by all means go ahead, but try and do so in a tasteful manner. 

Stay tuned in.


  1. I thought always sunny had a poor last season. Hopefully they pick it up. You should check out Copper on BBC America

  2. Tommy L - I agree, 'Always Sunny' has been better in the past. However, even the worst 'Sunny' is still better than most shows. These ranks are subject to immediate and senseless change, depending on my current state of mind. It'll be interesting to see where things stand next month...Stay tuned to find out!

    As for 'Copper' I have yet to watch. Gotta' give some love to British Television.

    Thanks for sharing!